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BIK's mission is to support trust and safety of participants of business transactions in Poland by providing reliable and as complete as possible information.


BIK carries out its activity pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 - Banking Law. The law stipulates that banks acting jointly with bank chambers of commerce may establish an institution authorised to process and make available information to banks and other institutions statutorily authorised to grant credits and loans under certain conditions laid down in the Act.


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International Cooperation International Cooperation

BIK is actively involved in the works of ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers) and CDIA (Consumer Data Industry Association). BIK participates in the works concerning the preparation of common stance for the Executive Committee of ACCIS on various topics concerning the information sharing sector, i.e. prepared the position of the Organization on the new General Data Protection Regulation.


In order to deliver to banking sector more comprehensive and reliable services, BIK offers to banks possibility to verify clients' credit history abroad. The customer's credit history is "beyond the borders". For the banks, the advantage is evident, namely it is the possibility of a comprehensive assessment of the customers credit risk through the acquisition of the detailed knowledge regarding their credit history abroad.


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